You do not need to be a member to spectate at the club. Simply arrive and watch an exciting game of polo. The Polo season at The Calgary Polo Club lasts from June through September. Regularly scheduled games are held in July and August.

Please check our Daily Game Times for the most current schedule.  All games are General Admission and free to spectate.  Picnicking is always welcome!  We suggest spectators bring lawn chairs, an umbrella for shade, sunscreen and bug spray.  Check the video to get an idea of the scene at the club.


A bright tablecloth displays a colorful array of tempting foods, and guests drift back and forth for a nibble. A few yards away, eight horses are galloping down the field, their riders' mallets boldly slashing through the air.

Those who watch polo enjoy not only the excitement of fast-paced teamwork between horses and riders, but also the fun of a ''tailgating'' party. Few other spectator sports offer such proximity to the game.

At Sunday afternoon polo games at Calgary Polo Club, spectators roam the sidelines freely and park their cars right next to the field , which is three times the length of that for football.

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Make a picnic. Get your group a little basket of goodies to sample, or share when you arrive. Bring some bubbles and drinks to welcome guests or join other people.

Lay out a snazzy blanket and enjoy  the game. Please don't go on the field it can be dangerous. While you are there, feel free to meet people and mingle along the sidelines. If you bring a dog, it is absolutely essential that he or she is on a lead at all times. Dogs running onto the field can be exceedingly  dangerous to the players.


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